Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

The question, ‘ What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?’ is no doubt, an FAQ( Frequently Asked Question) in this part of the world( I’m yet to travel abroad or meet a foreigner, so I don’t know for sure if non-Nigerians use it too).
I have had to answer it countless times, during ‘truth or dare’, or just very normal chats. Guys tend to ask it a lot, for reasons best known to them. Unfortunately, on days when I’m in a good mood, my ‘answers'(because I always have a different story to tell) are usually really dry and normal, stories which I don’t even remember now.
They never tell me, but I sense the disappointment when I say “I’ve never been crazy” after they must have gisted me really interesting, funny and very often, weird stories ranging from sex on the highway(on the ground) to sleeping with two sisters!
I woke up this morning with the desire to update my ‘Craziest Thing I ever did’ story on this blog! ☺ In a society where everyone seems to own a blog, Ђδω do you suddenly wake up one morning and start a blog? Who does that? What exactly do you intend to write and who do you expect to read your rubbish?
I had no topic in mind when I started typing, look what we have now! Now, that’s crazy! Going without my underwear to a wedding where I was supposed to be flower girl, chauffeur-driven(in a wheelbarrow) by my cousin doesn’t even come close to this(at least, nobody ever found out)… Did I ‘jabor’ someone’s hopes again(*tongue out*)? Who says your story has to be sexual before it can be termed crazy anyway?!
Most importantly, I’ve started from nowhere and I’m headed somewhere. Hope you will be kind enough to embark on this journey with me.
Welcome and cheers to the weekend!


20 thoughts on “Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

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  1. How did u manage to go without underwear to a wedding?oghogho!!!
    Nice one..really nice read.its obvious dt u are heading somewhere.
    I know anoda crazy fin o dat u hv done o!!or mayb I shld say ‘we’.


  2. Going to a wedding without an underwear??Really??..Thank God am not crazy!..hahahaha….Congrats sweetie,u killed it!..Great job!..Right beside u every step of d way!…Its a promise!


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