Ekene – Who is Afraid of the Genius?

What do you do when change resists you and begins to fight back? Absolutely nothing! You must permit change to take its very slow cause. Slowly, but certainly, things will begin to change; except perhaps that by the time change finally arrives, the rest of the world shall have left you behind. You are on... Continue Reading →

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Of 2016 & First Times

2016 has been a weird year for me. Although I did not have any plans or resolutions at the beginning of the year, it was a year of losses (of people and money), facing realities and fighting battles with myself especially concerning what I really want to do and which direction to head career-wise. In... Continue Reading →

Paddywoman’s Daughter

Paddywoman and I fight over a number of things. Shoes, bags, perfumes, ankara fabric and even her old aso-oke. Somehow, people, especially my brothers and sisters-in-law buy her the best things (because she truly deserves them).  Fortunately, I'm her only daughter, so she allows me share most of them. The ones she refuses to allow... Continue Reading →

A Penny For Your Thoughts?!

I have to admit,  the major reason I have not written in what seemed like a short while to me but is actually very many months( I would use 'years', but abeg I'm not trying to complicate this matter) is over-thinking. Many times, really many times, I took a pen and a book and started... Continue Reading →

100 Truths.

Stole this concept from Okaima's blog. She stole from a friend who stole from a friend. So, feel free to steal too! 🙂 Here it goes… 1.  Last drink: Water 2.  Last phone call:   Uwabor. 3.  Last text message: Above and Beyond. *sigh 4.  Last song you listened to: 'Don't You Worry Child'- Swedish House Mafia... Continue Reading →

With Unwashed Hands.

Owgee here... happy new year guys. I trust you had a restful holiday. We have another guest writer here today. Kindly read, use the comments' box and share! ********* You never really know what something is like until you are living it. When there is no stop button to press, or page to flip over.... Continue Reading →

Lost and Finding.

There's another writer here with me for her first time, my friend, sister and darling, Okaima (@kimeclectic). We wish we could perform it, live for you all but since we cannot.. well, have a good read. LISTEN TO OKAIMA... He went away with me... I hear laughter and I get the joke. But why are... Continue Reading →


I always wondered what the fuss about Chimamanda was. I had opportunities to read her books, but never did. When I first picked a copy of one of her books to read, I ended up whining about how boring and unappealing the titles were. I tried to figure out story lines to suit the titles,... Continue Reading →


So the other day, I was gisting with my friends about school, politics, fashion, males and life in general. Allow me introduce you to Jane and Thelma. Jane is a Lagos-based bini girl; God fearing, smart, mean, stubborn and very unromantic. Thelma is a twenty-something year-old from Akwa-Ibom. She is God fearing, smart, pretty, soft-spoken... Continue Reading →


It was in the '90s. I was just a pupil of Oregbeni Estate School, Ikpoba Hill. I'm proud of this woman, everything about this photograph speaks style. Anyone would be excited to have those thick-framed, nerdy glasses now(hers was worn for medical reasons though), yes? Her quiff reminds me of Bruno Mars and his wannabes.... Continue Reading →

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